Ellie Haan
Hometown:  Cedar Falls, Iowa
Major:  Bachelor of Music in Education (instrumental)
Hobbies:  Working out, hanging with friends, reading
Career Goals:  In the long run my goal as a teacher is to be someone who is kind and credible. I strive to be someone that inspires, shows grace, but also shows knowledge and experience. I want to be someone who is respected by others and makes students want to be better. I would love to teach any grade, except maybe junior high, but it would be so cool to conduct a collegiate ensemble.
Favorite Trumpet Players:  Alison Balsom, Wynton Marsalis, Philip Smith
Favorite Trumpet Recordings:  La Vie en Rose (Louis Armstrong), any concerto performed by Alison Balsom
Favorite Food:  A loaded burger
Favorite Book:  The Harry Potter series, but especially The Prisoner of Azkaban
Strangest Fact About Me:  I have double-jointed elbows
Coolest/Oddest Musical Experience:  I am one of four drum majors for the UNI Panther Marching Band and have blast conducting such a fun group! Also, the PMB went to Ireland and I got to perform in their St. Patrick's Day parade in 2019.