Sam Anderson

Justyn Appleby
Hometown:  East Moline, IL
Major:  Bachelor of Music in Education (Instrumental)
Hobbies:  Biking and music making
Career Goals:  To become some lucky town's friendly, neighborhood, high-school band director
Favorite Trumpet Player/s:  Tine Thing Helseth and Alison Balsom
Favorite Trumpet Recording:  The Carnival of Venice (President's Own U.S. Marine Band)
Favorite Food:  Mom's homemade lasagna
Favorite Book:  None
Strangest Fact About Me:  I can fit 29 cheese balls in my mouth (not quite 30)
Coolest/Oddest Musical Experience:  Playing lead for our school's musical (Legally Blonde) and changing key every four measures consistently while playing in the stratosphere
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