Sam Anderson

Sam Anderson
Hometown:  Clive, Iowa
Major:  Bachelor of Music in Education (Instrumental)
Hobbies:  Improvising or performing jazz; playing video games; hanging out with friends
Career Goals:  Having a career within the field of music
Favorite Trumpet Player/s:  Clark Terry or Clifford Brown
Favorite Trumpet Recording/s:  Clark Terry's Brotherhood of Man (w/Oscar Peterson trio)
Favorite Food:  Cheerios
Favorite Book:  Effortless Mastery by Kenny Werner
Strangest Fact About Me:  I typically surprise people when I tell them my age
Coolest/Oddest Musical Experience:  Performing at Jazz Championships my Junior Year (night show). We were locked in musically as an ensemble and at the same time acting ... just goofy! Most of us were dancing on stage and really putting ourselves out there. I am hoping that - with hard work - I'll have the same musical experience at UNI.
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